EO-52 Development Of Long-term, Offsetting Methods Within the Virginia Nutrient Credit Exchange Program

Full Text of the Executive Order

Executive Order 52 Roster


  • Secretary Molly Ward (Deputy Secretary Russ Baxter)
  • Secretary Todd Haymore (Deputy Secretary Sam Towell)   
  • Maurice Jones (Deputy Secretary Hayes Framme)
  • Erik Johnston, Deputy Policy Director
  • David Paylor, Director, Department of Environmental Quality        
  • Rob McClintock, Virginia Economic Development Partnership  


  • Brett Vassey, Virginia Manufacturers Association
  • Fred Harry, Honeywell Corporation   
  • Chris Pomeroy, Aqualaw, Virginia Association of Municipal Waste Water Agencies 
  • Tom Frederick, Loudoun Water
  • Frank Harksen, Nutrient Credit Exchange Association
  • Dean Dickey, Prince William Water and Sewer Authority
  • Peggy Sanner, Chesapeake Bay Foundation
  • Adrienne Kotula, James River Association
  • Ann Jennings, Chesapeake Bay Commission
  • Katie Frazier, Virginia Agribusiness Council 

Scope and Guidance

The Work Group should consider: (1) the protection of established nutrient allocations of existing facilities and investments that have been made pursuant to such allocations, (2) the needs of expanding and new point sources in the watershed; (3) the minimization of offset demands by new or expanding facilities by analysis of technologically and economically feasible alternatives; (4) the establishment of a merit-based qualification process for nutrient credit acquisition to align offset supplies with state and local economic development goals; (5) the cost and value of existing infrastructure, of credit generation, of credit use for offset purposes, and of other offset methods; (6) support for innovation and voluntary incentives to promote credit generation, exchange and use to meet offset needs; (7) priorities for continued state investment in water quality improvement, including the Nutrient Offset Fund, the Water Quality Improvement Fund and other state economic development incentives; and (8) flexibility in achieving water quality standards under the Chesapeake Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL).

The Work Group shall complete its work, including the development of recommendations as to viable offset supply augmentation methods by November 1, 2016. The Secretaries shall provide a report on the recommendations of the Work Group to me by December 1, 2016.